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A few years ago, I made this livejournal account was to join communities. I had no intention of posting anything on my profile except at certain times I think that my profile is just so empty I try to post something. I'm active on twitter and tumblr. Though today I had a thought in mind. I wanted to give subbing another try. I tried once then gave up because of a lot of work needed ;P I just end up translating it instead. Just imagine how many people got pissed off because of rule breakers that took advantage of other people's work. I know I would! I've translated a lot of things and its quite challenging to find just the right word to use. My point is.. I'm doing this is to keep practicing my kanji also more vocabulary. I have experience with Japanese for a long time now and I think I'm capable of translating. I've never been to a proper learning session though.. It may not necessarily be 100% accurate but still can be understood. I hope to post my subbed works here if I can.. or even IF I start working on one ;)

Oi! AIBA!!


Yokatta ne.. your mother finally got that wish from Riida this year

A・RA・SHI A・RA・SHI for dream~

They just really like to make a storm. With those clothes who could stand even smiling. I remember that MS like it was just yesterday. They were wearing different clothes during rehearsal and surprisingly wore that on air. Nino said "this isn't embarrassing at all" then tried to hide his nipples. (LOL) Also that one time when Sho told that he actually borrowed that clothes for Halloween. I wonder what he was thinking?! XD

I gotta say Japonism is the best album yet! I can't stop playing it again and again. Sho's solo is so awesome it gave me goosebumps. Although I prefer Nino to write his own solo but MUSIC isn't so bad. It suits his and its so cute!! <3 and Aiba with Mr. FUNK? I can't imagine how this year's tour gonna be. Please Aiba I really hurt my face last time laughing so hard for Disco Star.. (ROFL)

Oct. 5th, 2015

AAAaa!!!!! Kokoro no Sora is so amazing!!

Sep. 15th, 2015

Aramix Special!!

I shuffled all my Arashi songs and listed the first 16 for their '16th' Anniversary of course. Also encore with 5x10 and Take Off!!!!!

1. Welcome to out Party
2. Rock This
3. Yurase, Ima wo
4. One Step
5. Green
6. Believe
7. Lotus
8. Mada minu Sekai e
9. Calling
10. Tooku made
11. Cosmos
12. We can make it!
13. Tokei Jikaku no Unbrella
14. Still...
15. Attack It!
16. Asterisk

16 years of making storm

I think many knew what happen on September 15th, 1999.. ?

Arashi 16shuunen omedetou!

Who would forget these costumes?? ROFL!

This year I started buying Arashi stuff and all, I don't regret spending a cent. Their singles, albums, not forgetting their live concerts!! OMG!!! like THE DIGITALIAN was so amazing with the colorful lights and all. They just never will disappoint you.

Lately the news about TOKIO senpai, Taichi kun getting married became a hot topic. People start to wonder if Arashi is ever getting married? LOL! like when the right time comes, or eventually they will. Despite being Arashi and all they have to put aside their private life. I believe it to be such a big sacrifice. Even if they are Arashi, they are also normal people.

Thank you for sharing your joy and happiness with everyone. Putting a smile on everyone's face. They really lighten my everyday mood. Keep on doing your best!!


its tomorrow! only 1 day left


getting closer.. 2 days left


flashing back on the old days.. 3 days left


who's excited? I know I am.. 4 days left



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